Autograph letter from the Ambassador to Egypt Marquis Gaetano Paterno 'di Manchi e Bilici

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Letter of thanks sent to Prof. Marlettini in Cairo, Egypt, on 28 December 1926 by 
the Italian Ambassador to Egypt, Marquis Gaetano Paterno '(Catania 1879 - Rome 1949)
on the occasion of the International Navigation Congress which took place in the
Italian delegation in Cairo on December 12, 1926 Original signature of the Paternal Ambassador ' From wikipedia: Belonging to the noble Sicilian family of the Paternò di Raddusa, he was born in Catania
in 1879 to Michele, a nobleman of the Marquises of Manchi di Bilici (1840-1917), and
his wife the noblewoman Agata Paternò Castello Grifeo dei Duchi di Carcaci (1852-1912) ),
of whom he was the fourth of six children.
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