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The origins of the division date back to those of the "Hunters of the Alps" Infantry Brigade, 
created on 14 March 1860 by the incorporation of the volunteer Alpine Hunters into the 51st
and 52nd "Alps" Infantry Regiment of the Sardinian Army who had taken part in the second war
of independence. With the dissolution of the permanent brigades in 1871, the two regiments
were named respectively 51st and 52nd Infantry Regiment (Alps). In 1881 the "Alpi" Brigade
was reconstituted returning to place the 51st and 52nd Infantry Regiments in its ranks. The "Alpi" Brigade took part in the Great War; in particular in 1918 she was sent, under
the command of Colonel Brigadier Giuseppe Garibaldi, to the western front to fight with
General Albricci's II Italian Army Corps in France. At the end of the First World War,
reconfigured on a ternary basis in execution of the law of 11 March 1926, it also incorporated
the 81st Infantry Regiment "Torino" of the dissolved "Torino" Brigade, assuming the name
of XXII Infantry Brigade on 25 November. In 1939 the brigade level was dissolved and the
22nd Infantry Division "Cacciatori delle Alpi" was established on the two original infantry
regiments and on the 1st Artillery Regiment for the Infantry Division.
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