Arm shield 119a Divisine Infantry Gavinana II, troop

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The origins of the unit can be traced back to the "Venice" Brigade, established on June 7,
1883 with the 83rd and 84th Infantry Regiment employed, which with the 1926 order became
the XIX Infantry Brigade and ranks as the third regiment 70th "Ancona" Infantry Regiment.
The brigade and the 19th Field Artillery Regiment constitute the territorial unit Territorial
Military Division of Florence (19th), which in 1934 was reconfigured as an operational unit
and took the name of the "Gavinana" Infantry Division (19th), name which was extended also to
the brigade which thus becomes the "Gavinana" Infantry Brigade (XIX). The 28th March 1935 division
was sent to Eritrea and for the entire period of stay in Italian East Africa (until 9th ​​July 1936,
a "Gavinana II" Infantry Division (119th) was alive in Florence, to which the 127th and the 128th
Infantry Regiment "Firenze" and the 213rd Infantry Regiment "Arno", framed in a new Infantry Brigade
"Gavinana II" (CXIX), and the 43rd Artillery Regiment for Infantry Division. The "Gavinana" is
demobilized in July 1936 and on the same date the Division and the "Gavinana II" Brigade are dissolved.
On April 15, 1939, following the change of order of the Royal Army, the "Gavinana" Brigade is
reconstituted as the "Venice" Infantry Division (19th), with the 83rd and 84th Infantry Regiment
of the old "Venice" Brigade and the 19th Field Artillery Regiment.