Caricat! Military and Collectibles:

VAT number 01824350340

c.f. DSSLDA59H25D969E

C.C.I.A.A. 177018-1996 REA 180804

C.P. 182 Parma Center 43121 Parma.

Sales and goods display room: B.go Piccinini 1 / a Parma

1) The displayed price is inclusive of VAT (currently 22%)

2) The goods are meant to be sold ex-works; postal costs are charged to the customer and anticipated by Caricat! Military and Collectibles.

The Caricat Militaria and Collectibles company undertakes to send the purchased and paid material all over the world. Shipping rates must be agreed at the time of contact to define the right cost. The Caricat Militaria and Collectibles company does not accept any responsibility and the buyer accepts the following, in the event that a type of shipment is agreed upon, it will be lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, if opened the shipment will result in a total or partial lack of content ; in the event that the shipment due to the absence of the recipient at the time of delivery is returned to the sender, the purchaser undertakes to pay all the costs incurred including those for the second sending. The Caricat Militaria and Collectibles company is not responsible for what is sent, in particular the buyer must make sure that what is ordered is legal in the country of destination. If the package were to be confiscated from the destination Customs or returned to the sender because the company Caricat Militaria e Collezionismo is not immediately relieved of the obligation to return and the buyer undertakes to refund any costs for the return of the goods.

3) As a form of payment are accepted:

    - advance payment by bank or postal current account;

    - for advance payments use the following IBAN:

      Unicredit Banca - IBAN IT N 0200812700000020078073

    - Istituto SanPaolo - IBAN IT 71 Y 0306912745100000008547

    - MONTEPASCHI Parma office IBAN IT 82 O 0103012703000001501185

    - PayPal is accepted only if the buyer agrees to bear the costs of running the system; the amount Caricat will be credited to the company Caricat Militaria and Collectibles. The PayPal address is

CASH PAYMENT is not accepted

It is possible to agree a deferred payment, max 60 days, with the payment of an advance equal to 33% of the value of the object (or objects) as a deposit.

The offer is valid for a purchase or multiple purchases from 1000 euros upwards.

If the commitment by the purchaser is not honored at the end of the term, the deposit is lost and the object put up for sale.

4) It is possible to return and refund the purchased goods, if not to your liking (excluding ancillary costs), by returning the intact goods, with an ordinary parcel within 14 days of receipt of the parcel, the postmark is authentic. Cash on delivery returns are not accepted.

The refund will be made by check of postal or bank account or Pay Pal. After this deadline, disputes and returns will not be accepted.

5) The Company reserves the right to communicate whether the requested goods are available in the warehouse, in fact not all the items are loaded in the warehouse, many are only offered to us for sale.

6) It is possible to request an invoice for the purchased goods, this must be expressly requested with the order form.

We do not invoice for shipped goods.

7) The Court of Parma will have jurisdiction over any controversy.

8) Each order is accepted only if the order form is completed in its entirety. We accept orders by post and a half by mail; Telephone orders are accepted only if confirmed by email at:

9) IMPORTANT: the items GOLD / SILVER means the degree of decoration or medal and not necessarily the composition of the same.

10) The company Caricat Militaria and Collectibles for Italy sends the material purchased through the Italian Post Office. We are available to change the carrier at the customer's will, the buyer contacts us and we will satisfy every request, the costs will be defined from time to time depending on the type of courier and the type of shipment.