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Sector dedicated to war "insignia" .... and more.

Labari, pennants, flags, flames ... all a waving of colors and designs, 
in life and in death. All armies since ancient times needed to "hit" the enemy army also on the
level of the image and a mass of soldiers with flashy and very colorful uniforms
waving flags and banners assumed a very aggressive aspect; over time, however,
by changing the type of weapon, from sword to rifle, on the contrary the
colors disappeared as the more striking the soldier was, the weaker it was
to hit him from afar but the war "insignia" or flags and pennants remained
in use , the banners carried by the bishop preceded the assaults. Obviously, apart from the "insignia" of war, there were also "civil" ones
for the various weapon, school, youth and religious associations that waved
at social gatherings.

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