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Eagle's head knife, missing the sheath, wooden handle colored in black with intertwined golden thread.

This knife is a source of discussion from many sides in fact, in my opinion, from a misinterpretation 
on the part by Cesare Calamandrei in whose books it is described as "souvenir from Naples" as found on the blade of
one of these knives brought home by an American soldier. Unfortunately, a lack of information on Calamandrei's part meant that the writing "souvenir from Naples"
"I remember from Naples" was something written on purpose to be sold to Americans as "tourists",
unfortunately the custom of writing " souvenir from Naples, from Verdun, from Paris ..etc etc "was in
use by the Americans since the wars even before the First World War and was written on the objects that
the soldiers wore from the front or helmets, mess tins, bayonets, etc etc. In my opinion, the knife in question is a knife for the Preavieri of the GIL, in fact there are three
variants of this knife, which then differ in the model with red glass eyes and without glass eyes, with
a white handle (Pre Marinari ), green (GIL Alpine Departments) and black. The b / w photos show an official pilot of the 2nd GM who fell in Africa in 1937 !!! and at the side he
carries the model with the black handle.
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