Tribunale Territoriale di Guerra Torino 2 Agosto 1945

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Communication of 2 August 1945 by the Military Prosecutor of Turin to the Public Prosecutor 
at the Court of Assizes of Turin, in practice the document reports the details of a trial
brought against the partisans on 21 September 1944 which ended with the death sentence of
three of seven, only to pardon 2 and shoot only one, Lieutenant Salvatori Aldo. The trial, of which documents can be found on the web, was characterized by the speed with
which the judges sentenced the partisans to death .... the same Attorney General who
participated in the hearing, General Pasini declared that "a trial conducted with more serene
and objective criteria of normality ...... would have had much less serious consequences "...... The fact can only be justified by considering the quantity of attacks that the partisan bands
carried out in Piedmont that autumn.
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