Elmo M33 Italian Social Republic "Mussolini" Volunteer Bersaglieri Battalions

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Splendid M33 helmet from the Italian Social Republic period with the frieze
of the Bersaglieri Volontari "Mussolini" The unit known as the 1st Volunteer Bersaglieri Battalion "Benito Mussolini"
was formed in Verona, on the initiative of Vittorio Facchini, in the second
decade of September 1943, even before the birth of the Italian Social Republic.
Initially it gathered men, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,
of very different origins, weapons and specialties. Core of a certain technical and numerical importance were the men of the
Constitution Center of the chariot hunters battalions in Verona (Colonel Mario Carloni).
They were mainly non-commissioned officers and Bersaglieri repatriated from
North Africa before the battle of El Alamein by alternation, therefore experienced
and experienced soldiers.
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