Lot belonged to a German paratrooper of the 1st Fallsch. Pionier Btl.

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Lot of photos and documents belonging to an Obergefreiter of the 
1st German Parachute Pioneers Regiment. The documents are: a black grade war wound certificate, Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz,
taken on 6 August 1943 and the 2nd Class Iron Cross award certificate taken for
war action on 20/05/1943. The lot includes a quantity of original period photos of the soldier in question,
of some of his friends (two single photos) and of a certificate issued by the
Allied occupation troops after the war. The certificate of awarding the 2nd class Iron Cross bears the original signature
of Major General Heidrich Richard. from the web: Richard Heidrich (Lewalde, 28 July 1896 - Hamburg, 22 December 1947) was a German general
in the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. In 1940 he took part in the campaign in the west, and promoted Oberst (colonel),
he became commander of the 3. Fallschirmjäger Regiment (3. Parachute regiment): with this
unit he took part in the Battle of Crete, and for the audacity shown during this operation
he was decorated, on 14 June 1941, with the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. Later, he took
part in operations on the Eastern Front, especially the siege of Leningrad. Promoted to the rank of Generalmajor, on 1 May 1943 he assumed command of the
1. Fallschirmjäger Division, the famous green devils, with whom he took part in the Italian
Campaign: promoted to the rank of Generalleutnant for his role in the battle of Monte Cassino,
he was decorated, on February 5, 1944, with the Oak Leaves, and on March 25, with the Swords
of the Knight's Cross.
On 1 November 1944 Heidrich took command of the 1. Fallschirm Korps, also operating in Italy,
to whose command he surrendered on 2 May 1945. He was tried on charges of war crimes and was
released in the summer of 1947. Struck by a serious illness, he was admitted to the
Hamburg-Bergedorf hospital where he died on 22 December 1947.
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